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Our experts from different fields collaborate with you during the end-to-end product development. Together with you, we can scale-up and scale-down our dedicated software developers on product life-cycle need!

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From Idea to Product - Speed matters!

Speed matters, with us you will get speed of development and can convert your idea to product rather faster. Since our development approach is agile, and our team works 24/7. We could support you during any time-zone.

Dedicated agile software Team

You want to have a complete new team, or want to extend your existing team?? from pre-selection to interviewing our devs, you could get your dream team in just about 2 weeks.

Dedicated Software Developers for You

Rao-digital has already helped several IT startups with staff augmentation services, where we have combined top-IT talent to speed-up the pace of innovation.Our IT services include custom software development, mobile app development, ChatGPT and AI integration into your digital product.

Full-Stack Development

Ersetzen You got idea, and you want to build MVP for prototyping, or you got funding and looking to extend your software team, no problem, you got us!

As a full-stack services, we combine agile software developers for you who has cross-funcational programming experience.

We could take care your digital products end-to-end development from design, to implmentation to testing.

Mobile-App Development

Every second startup run their product on mobile platforms. In order to create beautiful, modern, sleek,and light-weight mobile app, we use modern technology stack to create native or cross-platform apps. Even Microsoft featured our work in their tech community for designing & developing an modern app for a German-climate change startup.  

Generative-ai Integration

Generative-ai is on boom and we got huge requests from our past clients to integrate generative ai components i.e. chatGPT into their existing products. Hence we build a special task force team who is fully equipped with knowledge and implementation skillset to integrate or build smart ai components into existing digital eco-system.

We4U - turning idea into Success!

Krist und König

Oktoberfest is a popular folk-fest in Deutschland, more than 2million people visit this festival every year worldwide. But Oktoberfest without traditional leather-pants is not complete thing, that is why one of German startup created a unique leather pants brand with it's unique design and leather. 
But how to reach the largest audience for selling these unique pants??

This is where we came into picture, held discovery workshops with our client, created design ideas, wireframs to keep design sense to the satisfaction of our client. Then we started devlopment phase and created a beautiful, lightweight, and fully optimized e-Commerce platform within 3 months.


That is how we got a happy German Client from Trachten Industry!

See the results at kristundkoenig.de


Discovery workshops









For a Danish e-Commerce startup, we have developed a completely new approach to e-payments. The cashless payment system is based on a headless-commerce architecture which means separating the payment backend layers and fronted UX/UI layers for any of the e-commerce platforms.


Our newly developed headless cart plugin integrates with any of the e-commerce platforms i.e. Shopify, Magento, and Shopware without developing backend-APIs for each e-commerce platform. on top, only ux/ui needs to be designed by design team. simply reducing the amount of development efforts on complex backend side of any e-commerce paltforms. 

Through this headless cart plugin, all kind of check-out processes are fully automated and without using any user-interface. 


Thanks to our headless architecture, this headless plugin is tested for Desktop, Mobile, Smart-Watch, and any other gear. and works just perfectly fine.


Since we are leading in headless e-commerce, we are well-versed in the skillset of using headless commerce architecture for your online stores e.g. Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Woocommerce, ProMode


By fully automating the checkout processes on all devices at the same time, our Danish customer is happy to serve their thousands of customers on a daily basis by reducing time of online shopping.


Requirement meetings


E-commerce developers




time saves


Happy customers

Why we make a difference

MVP Mindset - turn idea into MVP in 3-weeks!

Rao-digital is made out of one goal, which is to accelerate speed of software development and convert an startup idea to MVP within 3-weeks. Gauranteed!

Personalized approach thanks to our agile-software process

Thanks to our agile-software development process, all of your dedicated software developers at Rao-digital communicate actively with you, and try to engage even on personal level. making sure, we take care you personally.

Incrased profitability

Increase client loyalty and revenue growth is part of our win-win software development model, as we work together to develop digital products that customers love to use.

Our Product Managers from EU market, US market also provide latest industry insights to your startup product model. In addition we could improve internal processes of product development together with you.

Our Leaders

Rao-digital was created out of challenge to meet the pace of software development for IT startups and particularly digital transformation of any organization. Our CEO Zahid Iqbal personally faced challenges in short-term IT staff hiring during his leadership roles at various startups, and working in Govt. of Pakistan where he was instrumental to digitize world-bank project.
This challenge motivated him to start his own IT startup purely focusing on the short-term need of innovative startups who urgently need excellent software developers.

Zahid Iqbal

CEO @Rao-digital

Islamabad, Pakistan

Ammar Asjad Raja

agile @Rao-digital

Heilbronn, Germany

Software Devs @Pakistan office

We have team of 25 software developers (as of May 2023) which are very strong in programming skills, and all of them are cross-functional in their area of expertise, this makes us work with full-stack end-to-end product development. 

We normally work in agile framework where our scrum teams run 2-weekly or 3-weekly sprint and collect regular feedback from Clients. Especially with some startups, our developers and product owners are engage daily via slack, whatsapp, microsoft teams and zoom. 

Product Manager/POs @Germany office

Since we have strong project management base in Heilbronn, Germany, we have agile Product Managers, Product Owners and Project Managers at Germany office. We believe on hybrid development model where we could allocate project managers from Germany, and software developers from our Pakistan office. 

This could be very beneficial for your startup especially for communication, workshops, and innovation ideas sharing and consulting from us.

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Rao-digital is brand of of Ähdus Technology, Pakistan.

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